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Small Casting WHIP with 2 Small Crucibles

Small Casting WHIP with 2 Small Crucibles

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A favorite in the studio, the casting WHIP is light weight to lift, and fits small melting crucibles perfect for melting gold and silver. Made of stainless steel, the spring action handle keeps a firm hold on the melting dishes. This Small WHIP set comes with two ceramic melting dishes of fused silica for melting precious metals in temperatures up to 2,800°F. Additional replacement dishes are available . Total length is 9-3/4".

This Small WHIP set includes:

Small WHIP
1-3/4" melting dish. Capacity: 20dwt / 31g.
2-1/4" melting dish. Capacity: 40dwt/62g.
Please Note: This crucible should be seasoned with flux before using for best results.

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