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Santaper Sanding Stick with Sanding Belt

Santaper Sanding Stick with Sanding Belt

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Fast, easy, economical way to reach detailed, hard-to-reach areas. Plastic stick, tapered at the end, holds a replaceable 1/4" wide sanding belt. The aluminum oxide belt is held in place by a patented spring-loaded mechanism that allows the belt to be rotated 360°. Rotating the belt exposes a new sanding surface and allows the entire belt to be used.

Available in the following:

  • 1 Red Sandtaper stick with one 120 grit sanding belt
  • 1 Blue Sandtaper stick with one 240 grit sanding belt
  • 1 Green Sandtaper stick with one 320 grit sanding belt
  • 1 Yellow Sandtaper stick with one 400 grit sanding belt
  • 1 Black Sandtaper stick with one 600 grit sanding belt
  • Kit- includes three Sandtaper sticks (one each of green, blue, red), and fifteen belts (three each of all five grits: 120, 240, 320, 400, 600).
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