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Large Casting WHIP with 2 Large Crucibles

Large Casting WHIP with 2 Large Crucibles

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The casting WHIP is a favorite in the studio, light in weight, and easier to handle compared to heavier classic crucible holder designs. Perfect for melting metals with a torch and hand-pouring into ingot molds, tufa, cuttlefish bone, sand casting, and organic casting methods like broom casting, water casting and more. Made of stainless steel, the spring action handle keeps a firm hold on the melting dishes. This Small WHIP set comes with two ceramic melting dishes of fused silica for melting precious metals in temperatures up to 2,800°F. Additional replacement dishes are available. Total length is 9-3/4".

This Large WHIP set includes:

  • Large WHIP
  • 3" melting dish
  • 4" melting dish

Please Note: This crucible should be seasoned with flux before using for best results. 

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