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Grobet USA Teborg Wax, 6-pc Needle File Set

Grobet USA Teborg Wax, 6-pc Needle File Set

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Grobet USA files have a long standing history of quality and performance. Known to be the world’s best 6pc wax needle file set on the market. The teeth are finer and there are more teeth per inch than others. The points are fine, not blunt, which makes your work easier for finishing your wax. A six piece set includes one each of the following file profiles: Barrette, Equalling, Half-Round, Round, Square, Three Square. Includes a vinyl pouch for storing and protecting your files. Overall Length 5-1/2" (140mm). Made in Italy.

Grobet's full line of files delivers superior performance. The finest heat tempered chrome alloy steel provides the “right” feel, action, and balance demanded by attentive craftsmen. The most advanced CNC equipment and the best available robotic technology ensures that Grobet files are manufactured to the highest standards of dimensional accuracy, cutting performance, and service life. All Grobet products adhere to strict quality control procedures at each level of manufacturing. Every finished tool is individually tested to ensure superior quality.

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