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Grobet USA Swiss Pattern Precision 6" Flat Hand File: Cut 0, 2, or 4

Grobet USA Swiss Pattern Precision 6" Flat Hand File: Cut 0, 2, or 4

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Grobet USA Swiss Pattern Precision files have a long standing history of quality and performance. Hand files are parallel in width and slightly tapered in thickness. Each face has a double cut top and bottom, one side edge is single cut, and one edge is smooth. 2 cut files are a great multi purpose file for efficiently removing metal. A student favorite at Flux Metal Arts, this file is an essential tool for every jewelers workbench. We recommend pairing with a file handle for comfort while working at the bench, sold separately. Made in Italy.

Files are manufactured in a uniform tooth or cut: 0 = coarse. 2 = medium. 4 = fine, 6 = extra fine. 2 cut files are a great multipurpose cut for every jeweler. A great compliment to the 2 cut file, a 4 cut file is finer in tooth when you are looking to remove metal less aggressively.

Grobet's full line of Swiss pattern files delivers superior performance. The finest heat tempered chrome alloy steel provides the “right” feel, action, and balance demanded by attentive craftsmen. The most advanced CNC equipment and the best available robotic technology ensures that Grobet files are manufactured to the highest standards of dimensional accuracy, cutting performance, and service life. All Grobet products adhere to strict Quality Control procedures at each level of manufacturing. Every finished tool is individually tested to ensure superior quality.

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